Why Train with DogFellas?

Do you have a new puppy, an unruly “teenager”, or an adult with not the best manners? Does your dog jump up, play too roughly, or sometimes show aggression? Or ignore you when it’s time to leave the park?

Would you like your dog to be well-mannered, more attentive to you and responsive to your cues? To be safer when outside, come when you call, and wait for permission before getting out of the car? Or perhaps your dog is well-trained but could use a brush-up, or you’d like to take things to the next level?

Would you like to have the confidence to take your dog with you wherever you go? Are you ready to challenge yourself and your dog, and have a lot of fun doing it?

It's time to call DogFellas and start on the path to the best relationship with your lifelong friend!