Recommended Training Tools

We recommend these training tools for all dogs and their owners.

While we have no association with any of the individual vendors, these are products that have proven themselves to us over time, and the vendors we provide links to have good prices and have been great to do business with.

The links are provided for your reference.

PetSafe EASY-WALK Harness

This harness has proven to be the best, easiest, and most reliable way to cure leash pulling for nearly every one of our clients. It works far better than other harnesses, even of similar design.This is the one product where we recommend this specific brand over others. In our experience, it is uniquely effective.

Important: Use the measurement chart (the last image on this link) to ensure the right size.

EASY-WALK Harness at

Starmark Pro-Training Clicker

This clicker is loud and easy to click. Surprisingly, many are neither. You want this one.

Starmark Clicker at

Four Paws Long Line

The long leash lets the dog believe he's off leash while giving us a way to stop him if he gets distracted. We want a regular leash for this, not retractable. This particular leash is pretty rugged, yet basic and inexpensive. We will tie figure-eight knots every two feet or so along its length.

Four Paws Long Line at

Stella and Chewy Training Treats

Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Raw Beef Kibble

Treats are about taste, not quantity, and dogs can't read the price tag on that 3 ounce bag of dried sweet potato. We've discovered a brand of dog food that dogs seem to love better than most "treats" -- and it's full nutrition and cheaper, too.

The raw coated kibble is packed with flavor. Each piece is a nugget of freeze-dried raw meat encased in a flavored coating. One piece is an effective reward at a very small cost per treat. They are flavorful enough to be very effective, and small and easy enough to eat that they won't interrupt your flow as you reward your dog.

We typically use beef because it appeals to most dogs, but it's available in lots of other flavors as well.

Stella & Chewy's Meal Mixers

Meal Mixers are larger nuggets of freeze dried meat without the flavored coating. They are a great high value treat for big rewards and when it's tough to get your dog's attention.

Again, most dogs like beef but these are also available in many flavors.

PetSafe Treat Pouch

This pouch lays relatively flat against your body while providing plenty of space for treats and places to clip your clicker, doggy bags and other necessities. It features a divider for low- and high-value treats and a hinged opening that snaps open and closed.

PetSafe Treat Pouch at

SportDOG Training Whistle

This is a great all-around dog whistle. It has a lower-pitched sound that carries farther, designed for effective communication while training or in the field. It's a classic whistle that's nice and loud for noisy situations with a lot of distraction.

SportDOG Training Whistle at